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Friday, July 2, 2010

Summerfest Schedule for July 5-9

Summerfest Schedule
July 5 - 9
All week

Morning group will go from 10:00-12:00
Afternoon group will go from 1:00-3:00
Tuesday Camp will be held inside.
Each child will need to bring a water bottle and wear tennis shoes each day. No cleats will be allowed in gym.
Scrapbbooking, crafts, and games at Summerfest while not at camp.

Wednesday Morning group: Elijah, Nicole, Alexus, Matthew,
Aspyn, Tanner, Danielle, Hailee F., Allie, Kamryn,
Cole, Emily, Erin, Caroline, Carson, Katie

Afternoon group: Kenadee, Abby, Alexandra,
Adrian, Jackson, Lindsay, Gaige, Steven,
Mackinley, Lyssa, Tyson, Sydney, Megan,
Hailey Mc. Christopher

Next week, Tuesday July 13th is our Lagoon trip. This will be a one day trip, returning late and spending the night at the center.Instead of a fundraiser we have decided to charge a fee of $40.00. This must be paid before your child can go as well as you account must be current. If you have a question, please talk to management.


Important information Remember that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items brought from home.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summerfest Schedule for June 21-25

Summerfest Schedule
June 21-25
Monday Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden
Leave LPA at 8:30 - Return at 6:30
bring hat & water bottle in drawstring backpack
Children can bring electronics for van ride
(no chargers allowed)
Tuesday Movie at Edwards-Coraline - 10:00am
Lunch at Summerfest
Practice skits and songs for campout
(Heise campout next week) __________________________________________________________________
Wednesday Library Reading Club
Lunch at Summerfest
Frisbee Golf at Freeman Park
Games at Park
Make sure your child has a water bottle
Thursday Ecology Unit/Recycling
Lunch at Summerfest
Games and crafts/journaling
Friday Water games at McCowin Park
Lunch at Park
Food Games and finish water play
Don't forget sunscreen and rashguard ____________________________________________
Important information Remember that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items brought from home.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ms. Kate's Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten

We've been having to much fun in our class. The kids have been learning about the letter Y in Pre-K and the number 6 in pre-school. Our worksheets we do in class have really helped the kids with their counting. Everyone is doing a fantastic job. For the letter Y we practiced YOGA. We had soft music and mats down for everyone. The kids had a blast and they all did a great job. They enjoyed it so much they have asked for more so it might be a regular thing.

Mother's Day is on Sunday and the kids are very excited about the gift they made. I hope everyone has a great sunny Mother's Day and I'll see everyone next week.

Ms. Brittney - Ms. Michelle's Early Learners

This week we reviewed colors and worked on making our Mother's Day gifts. We colored a worksheet using about 4 different colors. We had to color fruit the right color.

Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo. We made pinatas and sang a song about Cinco de Mayo. It was a lot of fun. The boys wore sombreros and the girls wore flowers in their hair.

Spring pictures are here. They are in the front office to view, you must pay for them before taking them home.

Our dance is coming along great for the Spring Program which is on May 20th.

Happy Mother's Day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ms. Leanora's Pre-Kindergarten

We studied the letter "W" and the number 10. Ask your child what is the first number with 2 digits in it and what those digits are.

Picture day was a success. The children were very cooperative and gave great smiles!

We put together a book called "The Garden Party". It was a lot of fun and work for the kids and they were very proud of it. Please find the time to read it with your child.

Earth Day was great. I taught the children about keeping our earth cleas and beautiful. I also taught them about recycling and planting. Please take a look at our earth poster.

Next week the VIP is Abby W! Yea!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Brittney & Ms. Michelle's Early Learners

This week we learned about the color brown and circles. We also continued talking about flowers.

We colored a worksheet that had different items that were brown.

We made flower masks out of paper plates and they were really cute.

We played in chocolate pudding and practiced making circles. The left overs we got to eat. Yummy!

For Earth Day we colored a picture of earth and talked about what earth is and also about not littering. We talked about what littering is and where trash should go.

*Spring Program is May 20th*

Enjoy your weekend.


Last week we talked about measuring and we finished up our unit on maps. We learned the difference between land and water, north, south east and west, and more!! We finished our map skills books today; Check them out!!

This week we will be learning about money!! We will talk about pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. We will also see a one-dollar bill and a five-dollar bill. We will talk about what they look like, what they are called and what they are worth. We will also work a bit in our handwriting books talking about the days of the week, and the months of the year.
We will also be measuring our plants and graphing their growth.

It is T-Ball time!!!!

I have put a sign up sheet for T-ball next to the sign in/out sheets in our building. I have had parents ask if girls can play; YES!!! All are welcome! We only have five signed up so far, if you are going to be here, please take a look!

Please take some time to look at and fill out the release form that was on your child’s locker this week. Ms. Su would much appreciate it.
Also, Music Time is very important this time of year. We will be practicing all of our songs for program as well as practicing our dance; so being on time for school really helps! Thanks!!

Thank You
Mrs. Angie

Ms. Kate's Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten

Since Pre-school is done with the alphabet and moving on to numbers, the whole class focused on weather for the letter "W" which is the letter Pre-K is working on. We talked about all states of weather, sunny, cloudy, windy, and rainy. We had a good week for all these types of weather. We did a couple of science experiments such as making a cloud in a jar with hot water and ice. We made a rain collector out of a bottle and a funnel. Then we also made our own windmills. I really enjoy seeing the kids get excited.

Thursday was Earth Day and our class decided to start recycling pop cans. On Monday we'll decorate a large box for our cans. We would like to invite everyne to bring cans from home.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the sun!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today was earth day and the children had a blast learning about ecology and the earth. They painted and planned recycling projects. Ms. Leanora's and Ms. Allison-Lynn's class did similar projects and here are the pictures.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ms. Kate's Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten

Wow, we had a blast during spring break. We played lots of games that we learned during previous weeks like three blind mice and the famous toilet tag. The kids also make lots of crafts during the week such as our paper garden and they painted butterflies with perfect wings by painting one side and then folding them together. We made 3-D eggs and even Easter baskets for the treats we received today. Oh, and then the Easter Party was tons of fun and everyone had a great day. As always, thanks to those who brought treats and have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Ms. Angie's Kindergarten

Kindergarten Newsletter
Week of April 5 – 9

For those of you who weren’t here last week, Welcome Back!!!
Last week was Spring Break week and we really didn’t do anything! We played a lot and had a super terrific Easter Party, but no academics! Fun Week!!

This week we will be reviewing our numbers 1 – 20 and focusing on object addition 1-5. We will be working in our “Drill books” and practicing our letters and handwriting skills. In the afternoon we will be working on our reading as well as starting a plant unit and on Friday we will be planting our own plants which we will be learning about and measuring daily for the next few weeks! Should be very interesting!!!

I was gone Friday, Mon., and Tues., and Ms. Kami and Ms. Rita stepped in to help me out in class. They had great things to say about everyone!! I was so proud of all of them when I got such a great report!! Nice Work you guys!!!

Spring Pictures are coming!! They will be taken Wednesday April 21st. Details to follow, mark your calendars!!

Thank You
Mrs. Angie

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brittney's Early Learner Class

Tomorrow we will be having our Easter Party! We will be starting at about 9:15ish and will be done by lunch. Your child may wear their pajamas, but make sure that they have shoes on. We will be dying eggs and then having an Easter Egg hunt.

Treats are welcomed but please no frosting. We end up with too many frosting treats, so please send things that can be put in their Easter bags.

Since we're on spring Break this week, we just did lots of fun art projects. We will start back up next week learning about orange and diamonds.

Thanks Malia for all the yummy treats and movies during your V.I.P. week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Ms. Brittney

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Welcome to Little People's Academy's blog! We will use this to communicate the fun things we are doing with your children. This Friday is our Easter parties. The children are welcome to wear pajamas. We will play games, hunt for eggs, make baskets, and dye eggs. Treats are welcome.