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Friday, April 2, 2010

Ms. Angie's Kindergarten

Kindergarten Newsletter
Week of April 5 – 9

For those of you who weren’t here last week, Welcome Back!!!
Last week was Spring Break week and we really didn’t do anything! We played a lot and had a super terrific Easter Party, but no academics! Fun Week!!

This week we will be reviewing our numbers 1 – 20 and focusing on object addition 1-5. We will be working in our “Drill books” and practicing our letters and handwriting skills. In the afternoon we will be working on our reading as well as starting a plant unit and on Friday we will be planting our own plants which we will be learning about and measuring daily for the next few weeks! Should be very interesting!!!

I was gone Friday, Mon., and Tues., and Ms. Kami and Ms. Rita stepped in to help me out in class. They had great things to say about everyone!! I was so proud of all of them when I got such a great report!! Nice Work you guys!!!

Spring Pictures are coming!! They will be taken Wednesday April 21st. Details to follow, mark your calendars!!

Thank You
Mrs. Angie

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