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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summerfest Schedule June 20-24

Summerfest Schedule
June 20-24
Monday Movie at Paramount
10:00-11:30 Yogi Bear
Lunch at Summerfest
Continue recycling project
Bead Craft
Tuesday 1ST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make Homemade Ice Cream (Cones)
Reading Incentive
Lunch at Summerfest
Laughter Yoga at the Greenbelt (12:00)
Finish Crafts
Wednesday ROSS PARK
Leave LPA at 10:00 - Return at 6:30
Don't forget sunscreen. No water toys allowed in pools. Goggles are ok. If your child wants to go on the waterslide they will need $3.00 for a pass. Don't forget your child will need to wear a rashguard to swim. T-shirts are not a substitute for a rashguard. If you have any questions, please talk to management or Summerfest teachers.
Thursday Sand Hills
Leave LPA at 9:30 - Return at 3:00
Lunch at Sand Hills
Bring plastic sleds/toboggans to slide down hills. Bring sand toys for lots of fun. Kids and staff had so much fun last week that they requested another day! Sunscreen is required.
Friday McCowin Park
Frisbee Golf and other games.
Lunch at park - Return to Summerfest at 3:30
Important information Remember that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items brought from home, including electronics and games. If you would like to receive information on texts or e-mails make sure we have currect information.

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